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favicon of website Children s Books Online: the Rosetta Project Inc.

Children's Books Online: the Rosetta Project is the largest collection of illustrated antique children's books on-line.

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Delight, Rip Van Winkle, Yankee Doodle, Pocahontas, Putnam, Aunt Louisa's Wee Wee Stories, Babes and Blossoms, Babyland, Baby Bunting's Neighbors, A Little Great-Grandfather, The Little Jap Doll, The Story of Baby's Shirt, The Star in the East, Santa's Mistake, The Mystery in Polly's Nursery, Baby Buntings' Neighbors, A Little Head of a Family, The Story of Baby's Blanket, How to Choose a Valentine, The Dissatisfied Presents, Guy's Poultice, Cutting Dolly's Hair, The Story of Baby's Cotton Gown, Baby's Dream of Spring, Going to Grandpa's, Baby Bunting's Neighbors from Spain, What a Little Sister Did, The Story of Baby's Shoes, Shadow Pictures for Baby, What Baby Did, Two Market Gardeners, Baby Bunting's Neighbor from Japan, Old Az's Stamp, The Story of Baby's Sash, Baby's Troubles, Baby Bunting's Neighbor from Scotland, The Joyful Ones, Roller and Ditto, Too Little to Play, The Story of Baby's Mug, Nan's Morning with Baby, Baby Bunting's Neighbor from Holland, Mama's Game, Little Peter's Punishment, The Story of Baby's Plate, A Good Time for the Babies, How Marjorie behaved, Baby Bunting's Neighbors from Turkey, The Hen that Played Hide and Seek, What Kitty Thought, The Story of Baby's Bread, In the Work-Basket, At the Sea Shore, Baby Bunting's Neighbors from Africa, A Fish Story, Mama's Coronation, The Story of Baby's Play-Things, Baby Bunting's Neighbor from China, Trump and Hero, Baby Buns' Ride, Tommy's Story, The Story of Baby's Picture Book, The Home Guard, Little Hasty-Wasty, Baby Bunting's Neighbor from France, Washing Day, Little Tommy's Dream, The Story of Baby's Crib, Mama's Garland, Pussy Spoke Too, Baby Bunting's Neighbor from Switzerland, Santa Claus' Little Boy, Baby's Sad Christmas, A Christmas Game, The Story of Baby's Pillow, Mamma Molly, Baby Bunting's Neighbor from South America, Baby Santa Claus, Two Wild Cat Babies, My Little Valentine, Little Ah Ling's Pony (The Chinese Buffalo), How does my grandma do this I wonder, Baby's kind big brother, Baby bears at play, Portrait Painter, Showery weather in the kitchen, A little Turk, Who are you?, An afternoon canter, A letter to grandpapa, The catchers, The pitcher, My papa's horse, Hero, I got my shoe off, all alone, my own self, This is the way little Bess skates, Baby's ABC Book, Bambi, The Bashful Earthquake, The Bear Garden, The Bear Who Never Was Cross, Beautiful Book of Nursery Rhymes, The Story of Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog, The Story of the Three Little Pigs, Sing a Song of Sixpence, The Story of Little Jack Sprat, The Story of Old Dame Trot and Her Pig, Beauty and the Beast and Other Stories, Beauty and the Beast, December, Helen, Two Sides of a Question, The Baby Party, Who is He?, The Vain Cat, The Foolish Boy, A Brother and Sister, Pigs and Sheep, Margery's Thoughts, Mrs. Sedgwick's Strange Caller, Mrs. Howard's Violet Bed, Pussy at the Breakfast Table, In the Studio, Too Late, A Sad Little Maid, An Old English Game, The Good Giant, The Toad's New Coat, Lost in the Snow, The Orphan Turkeys, Frankie's Soldiers, Herbert's Bad Habit, The Schoolgirl, The Red Dragon, Little Annie Counts her Babies, The Pansie's Secret, Dilly Dally, A Very Large Doll, What the Clock Says, The Pitcher Plant, Africa, Who Told?, Flowers that Love the Sun, Summer, My Dandelion Girl, The Dragonfly, The Bee Who Would Not Work, Belle River Friends in Wings and Feathers, The River, Belle River Farm, Belle River Children, Mrs. Chickabiddy Stories, Ruth's Flower Garden, The Nest Under the House, The Wings of Red Comb, Ducks on Belle River Farm, Jimmie the Crow and Mr. White, Goosey, Goosey, Gander, Ruth and the Gander, Goose Feathers, Wild Geese, The Turkeys on Belle River Farm, Grandmother Turkey's Nest, Father Gobbler's Story, Grandmother Turkey's Story, Peter's Story of Turkey Ways, The Gobbler School, The Rooster School, The Hen's Sitting Room, Hatching Day, The Greedy Robin, A Belle River Fisher, Another Fisher in Belle River, Beppo the Donkey, Betty, Bobby and Bubbles, Betty June and Her Friends, Billy Whiskers, Bird Children, Bitty and the Bears, Black Beauty, Blue Beard, Bluebeard, Bobbie Bubbles, Bobby Coon's Mistake, Bo-bo the Pig Is Good and Bad, Bonny Bairns, A Story, What Baby is Like, Two Mamas, Comfort, Down by the Garden Wall, Two Kittys, Hoops, My Lover, Say Please, Jumpity Jump, The Butterfly, Two Years Old, Orphaned, The Old Clock, Too Sure, What's in the Basket, When the Winds Are Blowing, Supper, Shadows, The Chimney Bird, Where Is Milly?, Snow, Boston Tea Party, Boys and Girls from Storyland, The Brave Tin Soldier, The Castle Maiden, A Fall from a Window, The Merchant's Son, The Wishing Ring, A Giant Outwitted, The King's Rabbits, The Magic Horn, Winning a Princess, The Vagabonds, An Unlucky Wife, Hereafter, A Disguised Princess, A Beautiful Stranger, The Enchanted Castle, Seven Inches, A Brave Rescue, Left Behind, The Three Crowns, The Forgotten Crow, The Bubble Book, Buddy Jim, Forward, Leaving Home In The City, Buddy Jim, Old Red Squirrel and the Robin Bird, Buddy Jim and the Pin-Cushiony Person, Buddy Jim Goes Swimming and Meets a Queer Little Neighbor, Buddy Jim Goes Fishing, Buddy Jim Sees Madame Mink, Buddy Jim, Mrs Weasel and Little Mother Bob White, Buddy Jim and the Flying Squirrels, Buddy Jim and Molly Cotton-Tail, Buddy Jim and the Harvest Mice, Buddy Jim and the Gray Squirrel Family, Buddy Jim and the Musquash Child, Buddy Jim and the Wood-Chuck People, Buddy Jim and the Chipmunk Family, Buddy Jim Goes Camping, The Building of a Ship, Bunny Brothers, Camping, Carmen, Cat's Cradle, The Cats' Party, Mrs. Grimalkin Writes Her Cards, Mrs. G. Determines To Borrow Her Mistress' Dishes, The Table Groans, And Tom Runs Away, They Are Desired To Make Themselves At Home, Mrs. G.'S Marked Politeness To Her Old Friend, Thomas, Billy And The Bellows, The Dance, Sudden Appearance Of Missus, Chickies, Children Stories Dickens, Trotty Veck and His Daughter Meg, Tiny Tim, Little Dombey, The Runaway Couple, Poor Jo!, The Little Kenwigs, Little Dorrit, The Blind Toy-Maker, Little Nell, Little David Copperfield, Jenny Wren, Pip's Adventure, Children of the Wigwam, Childs First Book, The Child's First Reader, A Child's Garden of Verses, By Way of Introduction, To Alison Cunningham, Bed in Summer, Young Night Thought, Rain, My Shadow, Time to Rise, At the Seaside, Windy Nights, Pirate Story, Whole Duty of Children, Foreign Lands, System, A Good Play, The Land of Counterpane, A Good Boy, Looking Forward, The Swing, Good and Bad Children, Marching Song, Travel, Where Go the Boats?, Escape at Bedtime, From a Railway Carriage, T

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